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How to pass the Primary Vivas

My tips for the first huddle in the FACEM journey.


Primary Teaching 2015 

Primary teaching will take up a new look from 2015.

In February and August each year, the candidates planning to sit in the next round of exams will be given a talk on exam preparation. After this there will NOT be any formal primary teaching until after the writtens.  There will be intensive viva practise over 4 weeks leading up to the viva. 

ALL PRIMARY candidates are EXPECTED to come for teaching every week at 11am. When we break up in groups, primary sitter will join the advanced group for continued education. In the weeks leading up to the viva, primary sitter will then go into a separate group for viva practice. 

At this stage Cynthia will be your main resource/ support for the primary exams. 

Questions to Phyllis or Cynthia please.



Primary exam 2015 timetable

All 2015 Feb sitters, the timetable is now ready to take us into 2015. Our first meeting date is set for 15/10/14. If you can't see the timetable from this page, I have also emailed it to you (If you have flagged yourself to be preparing for the exam). Hope you are all studying hard!


Primary success

Congratulations to both Suhail and Taha in their primary exam success! Onwards and upwards to advanced training! 


Primary Examination teaching

Dates for next cycle of primary exam program (for first exam 2015) will be confirmed soon.

Meanwhile gather all your resources and detail your study plan as discussed. 

Feel free to contact me with any problems/ questions/ issues.

Current sitters - please contact me to organise time for viva practise.

 Click here for 22-week study topics.