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Welcome to EMET at The Northern Hospital

Thank you for your interest.

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Emergency Medicine Education for Regional General Practitioners (EMERG) Module 3 

Module 3 is focussed on ENT, Ophthalmology and Early Pregnanacy/Acute Gynaecological Emergencies

Please prepare for the workshop by watching all the instructional movies and reading the e-resources below. The movies are range from 5-10 minutes in duration each. Each e-reading will take approximately 5 minutes to read. E-resources will take approximately 4 hours to fully complete before attending the workshop.





Nasal Foreign Body removal 




Rapid Rhino nasal pack for epistaxis

Nasal Foreign body in children

Nasal FB removal Mothers kiss technique

Nasal FB removal Foley catheter technique

Nasal fractures

Acute hearing loss

Acute mastoiditis


Cauliflower ear





Direct Ophthalmoscope Examination


Corneal Foreign body removal



Snellen eye chart 


Approach to the red eye

Acute Visual loss

Painful eye

35 Golden eye rules

Corneal foreign bodies

Flash burns

Acid and alkali burns

Penetrating eye injuries

Acute bacterial conjunctivitis

Herpetic eye disease

Periorbital and orbital cellulitis




Pelvic pain

Pelvic inflammmatory disease

Ovarian torsion


Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Hyperemesis gravidum

1st Trimester PV bleeding +/- Abdominal pain pathway

RhD Immunoglobulin for pregnancy bleeding

Antepartum haemorrhage

Post partum haemorrhage




Emergency Medicine Education for Regional General practitioners (EMERG) Course Module 1

Welcome to Module 1. In preparation for your upcoming educational sessions, please submit your de-identified cases no later than 2 weeks prior the session to one of the following educators.

Mandatory online course pre-reading can be found via the "Useful Links" below left under the heading "Online Resources", then look under the heading "GP Resources for EMERG Courses".

Additional resources that we may refer to during our case discussions are accessible below. Please note that these are Northern Health specific clinical resources for our Emergency department. The resources have been made available thanks to the hard work and permission of one of our Emergency Physicians, Dr James Hayes. The resources are current as of January 2015. These are for your interest only and may enhance your educational experience. Please do NOT share or modify these without explicit permission from Dr James Hayes.

We use the Royal Children's Hospital Clinical Guidelines for Paediatric Emergencies.

 Chest pain and syncope key slides

Acute Coronary Syndrome -STEMI

Acute Coronary Syndrome - Non STEMI

Acute Coronary Syndrome Posterior STEMI

Acute Coronary Syndrome Right Ventricular STEMI

Acute Coronary Syndrome - LBBB

Acute Coronary Syndrome - T waves upright in V1

Acute Coronary syndrome - Wellens Syndrome

Acute Coronary Syndrome - De Winter Syndrome

Atrial Fibrillation

ECG in Paediatrics

Transient Ischaemic Attack






Pulmonary Embolus

Renal Colic



New EMERG Course approved by RACGP for 40 Category 1 points

We are excited to finally receive approval for RACGP Category 1 points for our education sessions. We have been offering one to two hour educational sessions at various GP practices for the past year, however GPs have only been able to gain limited category 2 points for participation.

We have amalgamated our educational sessions into courses of at least 6 hours duration and included a workshop component with each course. This has enabled us to gain RACGP approval for 40 CME points for the current triennial program. The EMERG course has also been granted approval for rural training grant applications.

Our first Module will be held on Saturday February 21st and includes a Basic Life Support workshop (RACGP CPR compliance) and a chance to participate in an Emergency Simulation excercise. 

At this stage the educational modules are free and will be offered to GP practices in the catchment area of the Northern Hospital, Epping, Victoria. This may change depending on interest and feedback on the courses.

Course details can be found on the RACGP website here. Please click on 'Other' to access course details.

Interested GP practices should contact our EMET PSO Kim Tarzia (8405 8013, or EMET EMERG Course educators Dr Cynthia Lim ( and Dr Megan Robb ( 

Read about the ACEM educational initiative EMET here